Charlie - 20032358

Location: Nottingham, Maryland
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: April 6, 2016 - Actual
Age: 7 Year, 7 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Say hello to Charlie! Charlie is a mid-sized, handsome, and well-behaved 3 year old owner-surrender who would love to be your nature loving buddy. I would recommend him to a home that is either active outdoors or has a fenced yard for him to play;he would be just fine with kids and other dogs. In the house, Charlie is very low key and is respectful of your things. Generally, he will relax wherever you are (or on the couch/bed) or he willstare out the window. In short 3-5 minute spurts, he will sporadically play by himself or ask you to play (fetching balls, gently chewing on fluffy toys and bones, playing catch with his toys, rubbing up on your leg asking for back and belly scratches). When not directly watched,he has not tried to chew or destroy or scratch at anything in the house. He is fairly gentle with everything indoors, even with other similar very fluffy toys that many otherBritts quickly eviscerated. Lastly, he is house and crate trained;and aside of 5-10 minutes of lonely howling when I leave, he has been fine in his crate when left alone. Regarding house training, while he did make a few mistakes in the house or in his diaper the first two weeks, he has been mistake free since then and we believe the cause was a UTI that has since been treated. While Charlie loves to run extensively outside on his leash / at the dog park, he is calm and gentlemanly in the house and prefers to more slowly trot around. Charlie shows no aggression, evenwhen probed for nail cutting/baths, and so would be fine with mostif not all kids. Meanwhile, he has been 50/50 with cats: in one case he was curious about chasing one (at a pet store), and in another he was completely indifferent to another after being introduced to the cat (this was in a new house). Outside the house, Charlie is a joy to watch and he regularly gets people smiling at the joy and vigor he brings when chasing birds/animal or checking out if said birds are in a bush/tree. He is friendly and non-aggressive with dogs and people, and will often lose interest in both after 10-30 seconds to go check out a bush or bird. He has started to naturally stalk and point at birds, though he has not been trained for hunting. He is not trained for recall either, and should be kept on the leash. Despite only weighing 40-42 pounds, he is exceptionally muscular and fit, which allows him to sprint very fast, potentially pull the person walking him, and jump fairly high. When walking him, he likely demands your attention as he can bolt after a darting squirrel or flying bird. I would recommend him for a home with afencedyardunless you are prepared for this. I’ve walked him on a bungie leash to minimize the shock, and he has gotten better while learning the limit of its length. Charlie does come back when called on his longer leash, though I would not classify him as fully recalled trained. No food restrictions. Currently on heartworm and flea/tick medication, and up to date on vaccines, all which allows him to fully enjoy all the outdoors have to offer!