Champ - 20030930

Location: , Georgia
Neutered Male
Color: Liver and White
Birthdate: July 19, 2011 - Actual
Age: 12 Year, 4 Month

  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • OK with Cats
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Dog Story: Looking for young, intelligent AND handsome? Look no further! Champ dazzles the camera, learns with intense focus and will steal your heart a flash! The only reason that we as fosters have not taken him selfishly for ourselves is for the very real reason that there would no longer be ‘room in the Inn’ for other amazing Brittanys whose paths must cross us as fosters on the way to their forever homes. Champ encompasses all that a male Brittany should be; equal parts charisma, allegiance and astuteness with just a touch of goofy! Upon arrival into our home, his one known command ‘sit’ has grown into an impressive repertoire of ‘come, shake, lie down, stay, and wait (nicely for your meal)’. He has been very respectful of the household incumbents and has demonstrated excellent social skills around other canines, felines and children alike. After initial observation, we noticed Champ had a subtle hitch in his gait. Fast forward 3 weeks into his stay here, a veterinarian orthopedic specialist confirmed our suspicions of hip dysplasia; a common malformation of the hip socket found in an estimated 14.6% of Brittany dogs and up to 50% of some large breeds (sited from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Champ’s condition is diagnosed as mild. He has been prescribed a daily dose of Glucosamine Chondroiton, a common over-the-counter supplement to prolong joint health and an anti-inflammatory medication only as needed, perhaps after a good long romp in the park that may precipitate a limp. His prognosis for a full life is excellent though he may develop arthritis later in life due to the dysplasia. Early diagnosis will ensure proper maintenance of his condition. Champ is a happy-go-lucky and soulful creature needing only love, devotion and many rounds of tug! He craves human interaction (typical of Brittanys) and will bond very easily, given his youthfulness, with a family deserving of his charm and intellect. You may view Champ in his daily life here: Please fill out an adoption application if you feel you may indeed provide a suitable home for this very special, very gorgeous boy! Update 11-21-12 We are no longer accepting applications for Champ. The fosters will be making a decision on Champ’s placement very soon. Champ’s original family acquired him as a puppy. They loved him dearly but one year later it became clear that their busy schedules with 3 children left Champ at home alone far more than they knew was fair. Their veterinarian recommended ABR and Champ was soon taken into foster care.