Bona - 20031832

Location: Seattle, Washington
Spayed Female
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: May 2, 2015 - Actual
Age: 8 Year, 7 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


The adoption fee for international rescues is $450** Dog Story Hello America! I am Bona, aka, Bonnie, a very lucky girl to be here from Greece where I didn’t have my own family. I like my new family in Seattle, especially the food and play and fun going places. I miss not having a playmate very very much as my two new dogie friends don’t like to play. I really need a playful buddy to help me wear off my energy and lots of exercise and outings to satisfy my curiosity about everything. Mornings are my active time, or anytime you are moving around the house, I’ll be there with you!! I love car rides, too! I don’t bark much, just when the mailman comes. My mom ignores me when I bark for attention so I’m not doing that much. She plays with me lots so I feel OK. Bonnie is typical precocious and stinker of a petite 36# 2 yo Brittany pup!! To the core this girl will keep you on your toes. She is a total delight with a heaping serving of mischief! She will settle down in the house when she has given up on getting attention or creating mayhem!! She loves everyone and is looking for playmates with other dogs. Without that, she tries to play with me which means mouthing hands, sleeves, pants. I am carrying around toys to redirect her. She loves shoes!! Your clothes. or anything that is not in the well stocked toy box!! She is so rambunctious that even in spite of her small size small children may be at risk of being knocked over, and older ones will just be another ‘dogie type’ playmate which needs to be redirected. She is good at: Snuggles, cuddles, pets, accepting affection and loves Snores, groans with pleasure with pets and staying close Playing with stuffed toys, not so much tennis balls Playing with other dogs, although shy at first Walking on leash with harness is pretty good, with just collar not so good! Will potty outside, no messes in house, but I wouldn’t trust yet that she is housebroken. Uses the dogie door when following me, or to get to me, but not yet of her own choice Has learned quickly not to counter surf or get on furniture. Has also learned by observing the other dogs that the bed and a special chair are allowed. Will stay all day in a crate,without fussing, but is not preferable. She’s had enough of crates and isn’t going in voluntarily. Needs to pee mid day. Has not shown any signs of jumping fence or digging out of yard, but I’ve not left her for any long period of time. What she is not good at yet, one week and counting, is: knowing her name, or any commands. She comes to me by my voice and hand clapping or rustle of treat package. Recall is very minimal. Respecting boundaries. She’s so excited to play that she jumps on me, bumps into me and generally tries to instigate dogie style play. I suspect she’s been in a shelter most of her life where dogies more than people were her companions. Bonnie will need total obedience training and another dogie to play with. Will do well in daycare. She has the temperament to be a reading with rover or hospital visitation dog as she loves people, pets, and new activities. We will try and adopt her regionally to minimize another stressful transport. If Bona seems like the perfect addition to your family please fill out the online adoption applicationand mention Bonna. Also please email her foster Mom for more information. Dog History Bona is one of several dogs that were rescued from Greece.