Blue Boy – Marlin (Otter) - 20032732

Location: Micco, Florida
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: February 26, 2022 - Actual
Age: 1 Year, 9 Month


    Birdie Pups: Birdie-10452 FL gave birth on 2/26/22 to a litter of 12 Brittany puppies. 8 pups survived, 2 males and 6 females. She is in maternity foster care in Micco, FL and will return to her Florida foster to adopt home after the “Saltwater Litter” is ready for adoption.1: Red Boy – Snapper2: Blue Boy – Marlin3: Pink Girl – Cobia4: Lavender Girl – Minnow5: Turquoise Girl – Puffer6: Orange Girl – Dolphin7: Yellow Girl – Ballyhoo 8: Green Girl – Wahoo