Benny - 20032619

Location: Santa Rosa, California
Color: Tri-Color
Birthdate: September 1, 2019 - Estimated
Age: 4 Year, 3 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs


Benny is a very handsome 2 year old Brittany mix who lives for people, food and walks. As he had been taken from his prior home for suspected neglect, Benny was initially very timid and has made the transition into an active and entertaining 2 year old who loves to run and play, though has not yet learned to play ball. Despite his known past, Benny has never shown any aggression or willful misbehavior. At 40 pounds, the vet said he is at “perfect weight.” But for a few mishaps, he is housebroken and likes to sleep in his crate with the door open. He will need training that should come quickly as he is eager to please. It was clear Benny had never had walked on a leash and adjusted within a few days. He has learned to use the dog door and is quite attached to his foster big sister. He gets along well with other dogs, people and children and rides well in the car. He seeks affection and no doubt will bond very quickly to his new owner and family. Due to recent neutering surgery, he hasn’t been getting as much exercise as usual but is always ready to go for a walk. Anyone looking for an easy going, loving dog will find Benny to be a perfect addition to their home. Please fill out an application and know that Benny’s foster mother will gladly answer any questions.Benny was one of 9 dogs picked up by Kern County Animal Control due to inhumane treatment. Their story is so sad and disgusting that we won’t publish it here. Suffice it to say they were not treated as any dog loving human would or should treat any animal. These pups are all mixes, but ABR didn’t have the heart to turn these pups down. They have some Brittany blood, but are definitely mixed with other sweet dispositioned breeds. As fearful, or shut down, or mistreated as these pups were, they are gentle souls with really sweet dispositions.