Bama - 20031944

Location: Remlap, Alabama
Neutered Male
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: April 7, 2016 - Actual
Age: 7 Year, 8 Month

  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


10.4.17 ABR volunteer received a call from the local shelter that a breeder in the area brought in 2 young male Brittanies. Volunteer hubby picked them up within a half an hour. They are clueless about walking on a leash, riding in a car, etc., are very attached to one another, probably litter mates. They do know how to go into a crate so volunteer set up a super size crate for them to share. They will be neutered 10.9.17 More as the foster gets to know them Update 10.11.17 6 days after arriving in rescue this is what the foster has to say: not housebroken. They were owned by an elderly man who surrendered them to my local shelter. The only info they were able to get from him was that their ages were 18 months and had always been together. I’m making the assumption that they were kept in either a kennel or in the backyard with very little human contact. Both are underweight (Bubba weighs 30#). They are tall boys; I imagine weight wise they should top out around 35 pounds or so. . have never been in a house but have found their crates to be safe spaces. I have yet to pet either of them but one did let me pet his head while he was eating. They barely walk on a leash but don’t protest then they are picked up. They have not been aggressive when I have cornered them to lasso them. I think they will socialize better if they are separated. Together they only play or sit with each other. I have sat on the step and they completely ignore me. I think an experienced dog would be great for them. They seem to like other dogs. No fence fighting. They are HW negative but had intestinal parasites that we are treating them for. (Also, they have been neutered) I doubt they came from our local britt mill breeder because I know he dislikes Frenchies and these boys have it in their background. I’m not calling them Frenchies because they look like Americans except for the nose color which only a good breeder would even know. From what I could get from Karen (shelter lady) they were both kept outside 24/7 without much interaction from the owner. I’m also getting that from the fact they wouldn’t come in the house at first and their both being underweight. When I turned on the washer they were not happy campers. I must say they are adjusting quickly and are now going into their crates on their own. They still won’t go in or out a door if one of us is standing near it. A big plus we just did get some pets in when we put them out. They both seem to travel fairly well. I think they will be great dogs for someone with patience. Update 10/27/17: Bubba moved from Alabama to ABR Foster to Adopt in Crescent City, FL.