Annie - 20032617

Location: Santa Rosa, California
Color: Tri-Color
Birthdate: July 1, 2011 - Estimated
Age: 12 Year, 5 Month

  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • OK with Dogs


Annie was one of 9 dogs picked up by Kern County Animal Control due to inhumane treatment. Their story is so sad and disgusting that we won’t publish it here. Suffice it to say they were not treated as any dog loving human would or should treat any animal. These pups are all mixes, but ABR didn’t have the heart to turn these pups down. They have some Brittany blood, but are definitely mixed with other sweet dispositioned breeds. As fearful, or shut down, or mistreated as these pups were, they are gentle souls with really sweet dispositions.Annie, is 42 pounds of love. She is the most social of the pups we rescued. Annie is reported as either 14 years old or 10 years old – depending upon which intake paper you look at from the shelter. She is a senior, but she is “with it”, showing no cognitive issues. She is housebroken; leash trained, but will pull; good with anyone and almost anything. She is a sweet, gentle soul. She will race out to chase a squirrel, or to follow the other hooligans around to see what is up. She was the matriarch of her pack, so is adjusting to being the “newby”, but she is handling things well. She loves the comforts of being in the house – will get on the furniture or your bed if you aren’t watching. But is also happy to lay on the floor at your feet, or to take residence in a comfy dog bed near you.Annie is currently on some arthritis medications, and is exhibiting a cough and some wheezing. We will know more after she is seen by our vets.