Annabelle - 20031693

Location: Remlap, Alabama
Color: Orange and White
Birthdate: June 29, 2014 - Actual
Age: 9 Year, 5 Month

  • House Broken
  • OK with Dogs
  • Needs Fenced in Yard


Oh la la, I am Annabelle and I am a French Brittany. A French Brittany you ask? How can that be you wonder? Oh, mon ami it is so. We are not so common here. There are those who think we are the true Brittany. They call us Epagneul Breton. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when they ask what breed I am and ‘Epagneul Breton’ rolls off your tongue! We will, of course, work on your accent. That said I am like any other Brittany: smart, eager to please, quick to learn. Quick enough to learn that roaming the Smokies alone was not the smartest thing I’ve done in my few short years. Ahh, c’est la vie!!! So I find myself staying with a few of my American cousins in the backwaters of Alabama. They are a fine lot and we get on well. I have not decided about the cats yet. There is a grey one wearing a tuxedo who walks around like he is the king. You know how we French feel about monarchies. Oh well, Je ne sai quoi. So if you would like a devoted girl by your side who allows you to say ‘Espaneul Breton’, give me a call. Update 7-4-16: Annabelle will be going to her forever home with a previously approved adopter in mid-July shortly after her spay