Hello ABR!

Here is Copper, who my family rescued back in 2014. When he arrived to us he was shy, still needed to put on weight, and was a little scared.

But now, Copper is a healthy weight, loves people, and loves to hunt little critters that roam around our house! When we pet him and stop… you better be ready to pet him all day because he nudges and licks you until you start petting him again! He is truly a sweet heart after everything he had been through and brings a smile to all of our faces.

He has a little brother who is also Brittany named, Eddie. They play outside, sleep together, and get into some mischief around the house 🙂

Copper has been a true blessing in our lives and we love him more than we ever thought possible. We appreciate everything ABR does for the breed we love most because without them, we would have never met Copper.

Thank you ABR,

The Mender Family