Last December Larry and I headed out on a road trip to Santa Rosa from Southern California to see about adopting “Lady”, a French Brittany that had come from Santorini, Greece. We found her to be beautiful with classic orange and white markings and a tail that doesn’t stop wagging. We were smitten with her right away, but of course she had to pass the test with Gracie, our ABR Brittany that we had adopted from Texas seven years ago. All went well and the two dogs got along like they had known each other forever. We decided that Lady should have a name that represented her homeland, so renamed her “Cleo” (for Cleopatra) because of her dramatic black eyeliner and cute black spotted nose.


Once home, Cleo carefully watched everything going on around her then quickly settled into our daily routine. She did great at her obedience class and loves everyone and all dogs that she meets. Her favorite thing is eating.  After that comes going for walks, rides in the car and demolishing squeeky toys. Gracie has taught Cleo about chasing birds, lizards and squirrels and those are now some of her favorite activities too.

Cleo is the sweetest dog. She just wants to reach out and touch everyone and has become a favorite wherever she goes. Cleo is such a joy to have in our lives and we are thankful that ABR has such a wonderful adoption program, especially now with the international adoption program.