I can’t tell you how happy we are with Chase, formerly Curro, our loving buddy from Spain.  He has been our loving companion for 2 months and it feels like we have had him since he was a puppy although he is closer to 3 years old.  Our first two weeks were spent getting him used to us, his new name and the conversion of language.  He still is very timid around males but getting better every day, but around me, we are best friends.  Of all the Brittanys  (he is our 4th) that we have had, he has by far been the most loving and most happy with every day things.  If he sees us pulling on a coat, it is jumping in the air with back flips and twists (to rival any gymnast) whether it is to go for a ride in the car or just a walk.  Just look at him or say a nice word or if you just want to play for a minute or two and his tail is wagging a mile a minute.  It his mission to greet with gusto every other dog he sees regardless of their opinion of him.  The only one that rules the roost is the cat to which he gives all deference. (Cats tend to rule in certain areas)  Chase is all about the squirrels, what singular focus.  We have had a trainer come to refresh us on how to control all the various dogs we have had that have controlled us rather than them.  We are teaching him to walk on a leash without going after every squirrel and he is doing better.  As they say, it is training the owner not the dog.  This is the best decision that we have made in many years.  He more than fills the boots of other Brittanys that we have had over the years and they have all been great.  The pictures that I have are only in repose or calmness, to capture his essence, he is in rapid motion of happiness and the pictures are a blur.  We have done local road trips and he loves them.  April will be our first 2 week-long trip and I think he will do great.  Any hesitations that I have had about adopting a dog, especially a dog from abroad have disappeared with this guy.

Tina and Johnson, Vienna, VA