I can’t begin to tell you how much we love our Charlie who was called Ordo in Spain and how happy we are that he wound up in our family.   It took a while to get him comfortable with us but today he’s a very happy boy 99% of the time.  He still doesn’t really like it when we approach him directly but he’s completely comfortable approaching us when it’s his idea.  We came to the realization that our relationship needed to be about what made Charlie happy so we let him take the lead.  And in doing so we have to laugh, because he has changed all the house rules.  No dogs on the couch?  Doesn’t apply to Charlie!  No dogs on the bed?  Doesn’t apply to Charlie!  We just can’t say no to this little guy.

From the day we got him, in an attempt to bond, I would pick him up in the evening and lay on the couch with him on my chest for 45 minutes to an hour.  At first he’d remain rather stiff but he gradually relaxed and settled in for a cuddle.  Our breakthrough (and the end of the house rules) happened this past October after he’d been with us for about a year.  He decided that if we were on the couch he would jump up to initiate the cuddle rather than waiting for us to pick him up.  That has progressed to Charlie ALWAYS jumping on the couch for a cuddle when we sit or lay down.  And now, in the morning after his breakfast when we all go back to bed, he’s on the bed with us too.

He loves his sister Bailey and they race around our property chasing all kinds of critters.  He LOVES walks and makes so much noise in his excitement that he sounds like a chimpanzee.  The joy and love that this little dog has given us is immeasurable.  We still hope he learns to trust people 100% but it may take years.  As an example, when we’re outside and call him he’ll take a treat but will run off if we try to pet him.  I think we’ll get there but more time is needed.

We’d be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about adopting a Brittany, no matter where they come from   Charlie is our third ABR Britt and we’ll never have another breed.  They are amazing and so very special!

The Haidets, North Carolina