Cece is doing well and we love her very much. She’s settled into our house of many legs: three kids, two adults, two cats, plus Cece, along with occasionally visiting relatives or friends of the kids. She’s especially devoted to me and to Colin and spends nearly all her time with us. She even walks with Colin several days a week to his office in the Mission district in SF. He works at a co-working space called Impact Hub, so we like to call her Impact Dog 🙂 Even more, she loves to run free at Ocean Beach, to sniff everything in sight in Golden Gate Park, and to explore the Presidio. Fort Funston is a favorite too. When she’s happy and running, her ears fly like little pumpkin-colored ponytails. She is at her absolute happiest in motion.

When she initially arrived she was very scared of men and tall boy teens. She would shake and hide. Now she’s stopped her shaking and is very friendly to most all people. However she has picked up barking, especially at the doorbell and at my teenager son, Hadley. We’re working with her to try to stop this and Hadley is being patient. She’s completely comfortable with the cats and the cats with her. They hang out to together on the couch, eat dinner right next to one another and regularly vie for my attention.

She’s very trim and fit and most everyone she encounters seems to think she’s a puppy. We took her to adult dog manners class and she learned “sit” and “down.” This was very exciting to all of us. The “sit” part took a while, but now she’s got it.