The Tremains (Tom and Debbie) adopted “Carra”, a beautiful orange and white six-year-old Brittany through ABR. They picked her up in Brunswick, Georgia on April 30, 2017, from her foster family, and she has been a part of the family ever since in Bluffton, S. Carolina. Carra quickly settled into her new home. She enjoys the wildlife in her backyard: birds, squirrels, moles, frogs, lizards, etc. She also looks forward to her daily walks through her new neighborhood and frequent visits to the local dog parks where she and gets along great with other dogs. Carra can out-run almost any other dog there and her parents often get asked if she is still a puppy! She loves her new parents and likes to snuggle on the couch in the evenings as well as jump in the bed in the middle of the night.

Carra also goes sailing with the family at Hilton Head Island and particularly likes to watch the dolphins coming up for air and all the different sea birds. Her new mom has been taking her to a local “Agility for Fun” class and Carra really seems to be a natural and has done well. On occasion, she goes to doggie daycare and the staff just love her. Another customer asked, “Is she a Brittany?” and followed it up by saying they would give up all three of their dogs if they could have a Brittany like her. At home, her new parents learned quickly she needed an invisible fence in addition to the four-foot physical fence to keep her safe. She adapted perfectly to the invisible fence and has respected the boundary ever since.

Carra has never met a stranger and always wants to love on any new visitors to the home. She has a Grandma who comes over occasionally to take care of her when her parents are going to be out. She has never had an accident in the house but on occasion has pulled a loaf of bread off the counter when no one was home. She communicates clearly when she needs to go out and loves her doggie door that gets her out to the family lanai. She gets regular veterinary check-ups and the doctor says she’s in great health! Carra craves love and attention and is so happy to be in her new home.