Bruno renamed Fletcher

When we received Bruno from Spain we changed his name to Fletcher because he didn’t like or respond to the other name. He seems very happy with it.

He’s had an exciting nine months getting to know us and his canine companion, Betsie, an 11-year-old American Brittany who we adopted from ABR more than a decade ago. He was timid when we first got him but after only a few weeks, began coming to me to be comforted when he was nervous. Now, the highlights of his day are the “walkies.” We take a longer walk morning and evening and shorter ones midday and at night. He also loves snuggling on the sofa with me or having Marc scratch behind his ears.

His real doggie personality has come out, and it is delightful. Every morning he is so excited to be up and to get breakfast, he runs in circles and leaps into the air before heading into the kitchen to “supervise” Marc’s preparations of his meal. He also has begun to enjoy the three-hour car trip to our mountain house in Hendersonville, NC. (We live most of the time in Atlanta.) The Hendersonville area has beautiful parks and walking trails, and he loves visiting all of them.

It has been especially satisfying to see him play with other dogs. He took to Betsie fairly quickly but remained wary of other pups until very recently. While he has sniffed the barrels of doggie toys at both locations, only since the fall has he started to play with toys. Every day, he seems to be coming into his own.

Fletcher is a remarkably sweet and gentle dog with a goofy side. He is the fourth Brittany we’ve adopted from ABR (the sixth overall) and, in some ways, has been the most rewarding. All of the dogs have been truly loved, but Fletcher has been the most transformed by it. It is a wonderful sight to behold!