We adopted Bloom from Spain in late Nov 2017, we originally were just going to foster him but fell in love with him. We met Bloom at Dulles when he came through customs, we easily reached in his crate and put his leash on him after just meeting him.

We have 5 other brittanies/Brittany mixes and from the time he was introduced to them, there was never a problem. Bloom was approximately 1.5 years old when we adopted him and he has been a great playmate for our youngest Brittany.

Bloom is by far the most affectionate of our dogs, loves to cuddle with the other dogs and us. He learned most things and our routine pretty quickly, he was not house trained when we got him and we worked for a bit on that….

We are super happy with Bloom and he fit easily into our family. Bloom is the mostly white brittany with the white face and orange ears. 

Murray family, Virginia