Hi everyone.  

This is Annie in So. California.  I moved here on March 12th, 2016, from Salt Lake City, UT. So, my Mom, Dad and I just celebrated our first anniversary as a family.

I’m sorry that I didn’t wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but I was so busy helping my Mom get ready for my first Christmas with my Forever Family.  My brothers and their families from PA and TX came.  Boy, there are a lot of them, including two youngsters, and not wanting to miss out on anything, I was really tired at the end of the day.

Again, I thank everyone who helped me get adopted, especially Diana Dorian (the CA Coordinator for ABR), who vouched for my Mom and Dad to my Foster Dad, Mike Barlow (the UT ABR Coordinator), that I’d have a good home here.
I’m also grateful to the Pilots and Paws organization, where my Dad found two generous pilots, John Cadia and Reyna Meenk, who transported me from Salt Lake City to So. CA

I hope all of the other Rescue Brits, who find their Forever Home families in 2017, have as good a home as I have and are as happy.
My Mom and Dad want to add something.


Chuck and I can attest to the fact that Annie is well settled in, happy and loved to the moon and back.  She craves attention, petting and love, probably more so than any of our previous three Brits, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And, we’re only too willing to provide it.
Thanks again to everyone.  She’ll always be loved and cared for.
If you’re thinking that you want to adopt a dog, there’s no more loving breed than a Brit and no other Brit rescue organization willing to help you as much as American Brittany Rescue (ABR).

Posey and Chuck Leech