Abigail “von beautiful” VerBeke

My husband, Jeff grew up in a rural area, with a hunting family! Spaniels galore! So when we decided to get a Brit…we decided to “adopt,” hence ABR! 

After 6 months of trying to get a younger dog (most were on the east coast) we got a pic of an older Brit but I did not “see it!” That moment when your heart goes out and you “yes!, that’s mine. Then 30 minutes later, we got a picture of Abby, with a message “you might be interested in this rescue!” 

We’ll her pic popped up at 6:30pm and by 10:30pm On April 3rd it was confirmed…B’gail had a new home! Reserved an SUV, and begain plotting our journey to IL/IN border pic up! (We were a foster – adopt situation!) We still send pictures to her “first mamma” and kids! Due to job losses and financial issues, they couldn’t keep Ab’s! (And yes, Abby sends mommy Amy “pup-pic’s” for her b’day, Ab’s b’day, Ab’s “gotcha day, etc….

Sooo…hot-rod Miss A…well, her day is filled with so much activity! (I was told by ABR, that because my yard is not fully fenced we can adopt!) We actually are stomping in the woods, ravines, ponds, the Mississippi, river! We hit creeks, and lakes! Lucky Ab’s…well her grandpa lives next to a private boating resort, so ya pup get’s all 4 seasons!

Fast forward….this pup is living “la vida loca!”