Pancho - 10189

Age: 1 yr (Young)

(from Actual DOB): 05/13/2019

Neutered Male


  • House Broken
  • OK w/ dogs
  • Needs Fence

Microchipped: Yes

Chip Brand: AVID

Chip Number: 603528517

Arrived Intact

Altered Date: 05/20/2020

Current Location: SLC, UT


Adopted !!

Hello! People call me Pancho, and I am a good boy. Growing up this last year, I didn't get a lot of attention. I often felt sad because my owners never spent much time with me and kept me outside. I'm not sure why they didn't want to be around me, because I am a good boy. 

One day, my humans took me on a car ride, and I was so happy they let me come along for an adventure. Soon after, we arrived at a place with other dogs in cages. I did not like this place, and I don't know why my humans took me there. They handed my leash to a nice lady and then they went back to the car without me. I felt very sad. 

The nice lady told me I was a good boy, and that she would take good care of me. It was nice to hear her say that, and I wagged my tail to tell her I agree. A few days later, the nice lady patted my head, gave me a kiss,  told me I was going into rescue, and that I would be okay. I didn't know what she meant, but I went on another car ride with a different nice lady. She too, told me I was a good boy. 

This time, we did not go to another place with dogs in cages. There were other dogs where we were, but they were in a big yard with grass, happy and running free. There are lots of wonderful smells here, birds that sing songs, squirrels that tease us dogs, and a very nice man who gives us treats and tells us we are good boys. 

The nice man lets me inside, and it makes me so happy. When he asks me to go outside, sometimes I am afraid, because I worry that maybe I won't be let back in.

I love being right next to the nice man, and I am most content when I can see him. I am asked to sleep in a crate at night, and even though I would prefer to sleep within paws reach of the man, I am learning that the crate is okay, as long as I can see a friend. I used to be very lonely when my first family left me outside, and I still get worried sometimes that I might be forgotten. 

The nice man tells me that he is going to help me look for a "fur-ever" family. I like the sound of family... maybe with kids and another dog pal? Most of all, I hope I can find someone that will appreciate my loyalty. I will love my human, and I will take good care of them. I will show them that I am a good boy.

Please call or email the nice man that takes care of me, his name is Michael. (801) 550-4138 or email 

You can apply to be my furever human here:

Thanks fur looking! Love, Pancho the Good Boy


Lilly Belle - 10174

Age: 3 yr, 4 mon (Adult)

(from Estimated DOB): 02/01/2017

Spayed Female


  • House Broken
  • Crate Trained
  • Obedience
  • OK w/ dogs

Microchipped: Yes

Chip Brand:

Chip Number:

Current Location: Sacramento, CA


Lilly Belle


Adopted 30 March 2020!!

Lilly Belle comes to us from the Sacramento Shelter.  When she was viewed, all that was seen was her head and face, as she was very sad.  The shelter staff had her listed as a Brittany, and her face led our Volunteer to agree, and commit to bringing her into ABR's care.  She was spayed, brought up to date on her shots and microchipped.  When our Volunteer picked her up from the shelter, she realized that Lilly Belle has a Brittany face, but she is definitely mixed with something else.  She is about 20" tall and about 22" long (if you don't count that tail)

She is very, very sweet and loving.  She follows Foster mom all over the house.  She knows to come and to sit.  She is crate trained, and housebroken.  

Lilly Belle may not be a Brittany through and through, but she is a very loving dog, who needs a wonderful forever home.  If you are willing to forego her "mix" and want a lovely dog to pal around with, please consider Lilly Belle.  She will spend the rest of her days letting you know just how wonderful you are.


Harley - 10193

Age: 3 yr (Adult)

(from Estimated DOB): 05/31/2017



  • OK w/ dogs
  • Needs Fence

Microchipped: Unknown

Current Location: Salt Lake City, UT


Adoption Pending !!

Hello! I'm Harley! I'm about three years young and looking for my furever home. I hope to find someone who will pet my head and scratch behind my ears. I am great Brittany boy, but I found my way to the shelter as a stray. I'm not sure why my previous owners didn't come looking for me... I am a beautiful orange and white boy! 

I have not been around kids yet, but I think I'd like them... but a big fat no on cats. Cats are to be chased. 

If you would like to apply to be my furever family, please fill out the adoption application. 

Yours,  "Handsome" Harley