Planning for yours and your Brittany’s future.

Many Brittany lovers take comfort in knowing that they have done their homework both to care for their Brittany(s) and to leave a lasting legacy that saves the lives and cares for other homeless Britts.

We strongly encourage you to consult with an attorney regarding the most appropriate language for your will or other estate
planning documents. You may wish to present the following language to your attorney for his or her review:

Prepare for the care of Brittanys: To ensure that your Brittany(s) will continue to receive this care should something unexpected happen to you, it’s critical to plan ahead. Work with your attorney to draw up a special will, trust, or other document to provide for the care and ownership of your pet as well as the money necessary to care for him/her.

If you would like ABR to care for the Brittanys who survive you, we will certainly take them in. Leave instructions to contact us
either through our toll free line (1-866-274-8911) or by reaching your State Coordinator. If it is your wish for ABR to take in your
Brittanys you can use the following language to make preparations for them.

Example language:  I direct my Personal Representative to place any and all Brittanys I may own at the time of my death with American Brittany Rescue, Inc where they will be cared for in a manner that any responsible, devoted pet owner would afford to his or her pets. Prior to
initiating such efforts to place my animals, I direct my Personal Representative to consult ______________________ , D.V.M. (currently at the _______________________ Hospital), or, in the event of Dr. _____________ ‘s unavailability, a veterinarian chosen
by my Personal Representative, to ensure that each animal is in generally good health and is not suffering physically. In addition, I
direct my Personal Representative to provide any reasonable veterinary care that my animal(s) may need at that time to restore
the animal(s) to generally good health and to alleviate suffering, if possible. Any expenses incurred for the care (including the
costs of veterinary services), placement, or transportation of my animals, or to otherwise effect the purposes of this Article up to
the time of placement, shall be charged against the principal of my residuary estate.

I authorize the release of all of my dog’s records to representatives of American Brittany Rescue.

Specific Bequest: A “specific bequest” is one whereby the Will provides ABR with a specific sum of money or percentage of
money, a specific item of property (such as land or personal property) or a defined type of property such as stocks or collections.

Example Specific Bequest Will language:
“I hereby bequeath to American Brittany Rescue, Inc., 822 Wild Ginger Road, Sugar Grove IL 60554, the sum of $ _____ (and/or
the following described property _____ ).”

Residual or Remainder Bequest: Residual Bequest is the will providing all that remains after payment of debts of the estate
(such as administrative and or funeral expenses) is provided to ABR.

Example Residual Bequest Will language:
“I hereby bequeath all (or ____ percent) of my residuary estate to American Brittany Rescue, Inc., 822 Wild Ginger Road, Sugar
Grove IL 60554.”

Contingent Bequest: A Contingent Bequest can ensure that if circumstances make it impossible to carry out your original Will
requests – such as when you survive your spouse or other heirs – your assets will then be passed to ABR rather than to unintended beneficiaries. Childless couples often provide for the entire estate to go to the surviving spouse; if the spouse does not survive you, ABR becomes the primary beneficiary.

Example Contingent Bequest Will language:
“I bequeath to my brother John Doe the sum of $ _____ and, in the event he shall predecease me, I direct this sum to be paid to
American Brittany Rescue, Inc., 822 Wild Ginger Road, Sugar Grove IL 60554.”

We hope the above information can be of help.