Hi! My name is Rusty. I am and older gentleman that loves a good cuddle. I’m 11 years old and I weigh a little under 40 lbs. If you want and extra shadow I’m the pup for you. I love following my foster parents around the house to see what they are up to.

I am learning to love the outdoors. My foster parents have a big back yard that’s fenced and it is fun! I was inside for a long time and I’m really learning to love exploring, chasing birds, and just watching the neighborhood. I have also started to play with my foster brothers. I like being with other dogs, but I do get excited and bark when I first meet them. My foster parents have taken me to the dog park and I actually enjoyed meeting the dogs there. I also like the attention from the smaller humans called kids. I met my foster parent’s niece and she was very nice to me. I especially liked how she scratched my ears.

My legs do hurt a little bit sometimes from something called arthritis, but my foster parents give me magic treats that makes playing not hurt so much. Before coming to my temporary home, I had never been on a walk around a neighborhood so it’s not my favorite, nor learning these new rules with a leash. But I’m trying. Really, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes us a little longer! I of course love my sister Belle. We have been together since we were born. I can’t imagine my life without her. I keep an eye on her and love when she comes to cuddle with me. She makes me feel safe.

I do enjoy a good nap on the couch with my humans. I am learning to like my kennel as long as my sister is next to me in her kennel, but it’s a new experience and I get a little nervous. I do sleep in my crate and they have me stay in a different confined area when my foster parents have to leave. My past wasn’t the best as I was rarely let outside, so I am still learning the right places to go when the call arises. I’m much better at not getting confused and making an error if there is not any carpet!

My foster parents want me and my sister Belle to be adopted together. We are very bonded and really do not like to be separated. I would love it if my new parents that were able to be home most of the time to cuddle and give me lots of attention.


Rusty is part of a bonded pair (Belle is his sister) Rusty and Belle came from the same litter and lived with the same owners for their entire lives. Their owner broke his ankle this past November and has had deteriorating health since that time. The owner was worried about the dogs knocking him over, so the dogs spent most of their time in an area of the house. The dogs rarely went outside since November. They were a little under nourished and they lack some muscle mass. Belle will be spayed soon. Rusty is neutered. They are a bonded pair and it is in their best interest to be adopted together.