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2019-05-19T10:36:07-05:00Success Stories|

Hello my friends, Sadie from Minnesota here! I am sorry it has been so long since my last update, but boy have I been busy! I took my first


2019-05-19T10:36:54-05:00Success Stories|

We had our first brittany, Freckles, for 14 yrs. She was such a joy to our whole family, she grew up with our kids! We waited for about a


2019-05-19T10:37:42-05:00Success Stories|

With apologies to H.A. Rey…This is George. He is a good little monkey, and always very curious. George is (NOW!) a delight. He’s been with us for just over


2019-05-19T10:38:37-05:00Success Stories|

Shortly after my husband and I got married ten years ago, we started considering starting a family...beginning with a dog. We did lots of research and knowing we wanted


2019-05-19T10:39:22-05:00Success Stories|

A little over five years ago we were asked by American Brittany Rescue to foster a sweet Brittany named Libby. She had been turned into a shelter in North


2019-05-19T10:40:07-05:00Success Stories|

In October of 2006, my family was blessed with a new member, Jillybean. At the time we were told that she was about 7 months old, but after another


2019-05-19T10:40:52-05:00Success Stories|

We were looking for a pet, in particular, a dog and specifically a “Brittany”.  I found the American Brittany Rescue web site and browsed the photos and bios of


2019-05-19T10:41:41-05:00Success Stories|

Like so many of the people who adopt a dog from ABR, I had put down my previous Brittany a year earlier. Jaque was a wonderful dog, who was


2019-05-19T10:42:41-05:00Success Stories|

Hi Everyone, This is Abbie. I wrote to you about a year ago after I arrived at my Forever Home. Today, December 4th, 2013, my folks and I are

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