Lost And Found Brittanys

Searching for a missing pet can be a terrifying experience. Sometimes, even in the best of homes, your beloved companion may manage to escape an enclosed area or wander too far during a hunt. If you're an animal lover and if this has ever happened to you, you know that the hours, days, and weeks that follow can be a living nightmare.

We hope this page will help reunite missing Brittanys with their owners. If you've lost or found a Brittany and would like the information posted here, please send e-mail and photos to lostfound@americanbrittanyrescue.org with the location, circumstances, and dog's description.

American Brittany Rescue has local State Coordinators who coordinate most ABR activities in their states, including acceptance of dogs into ABR foster care. If you found a Brittany and you would like to discuss transferring the dog to ABR foster care, your ABR State Coordinator may be able to assist.

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Unknown - 5097

3 yr 11 mon (Adult)
Current Location: Aurora, CO

Contact: Judy Brodston



Posted 6/15/15

We found this boy running in the street June 14, 2015 around 6pm. He had no collar, is not chipped, is clean so we don't think he is a stray, well behaved, appears well nourished. Our vet, just after a very quick exam, said he appears healthy and taken care of. He is young and very gentle, unfortunately we can not say the same for our resident senior flat coat retriever who is not accepting our new guest well.

We think, from the look of the fur around his neck, that he did have a collar on and might have just slipped out of it. He is listed on Pet Harbor, our local shelters, Lost Dogs in Colorado, and with our Neighborhood Watch. I have posted him on facebook and twitter. My friends have shared his information. So far no response, which is breaking my heart. 

Sweet Girl in NE - 5421

6 yr 8 mon (Adult)
Current Location: Gretna, NE

Contact: Tammi Hall

Sweet Girl in NE


We had a dog follow my husband home on his run on Monday.  She is not chipped.  We are in Gretna NE.  We are not sure if she might have been missing some time.  The vet who checked for the chip indicated that he thinks she is 4-5 years old. She had a collar on but no tags.  It was a VERY faded collar, hard to tell original color but we still have it.  The collar in the photo is a new one we purchased her.


Unknown - 5537

2 yr 3 mon (Adult)
Current Location: Tulsa, OK

Contact: Mrs. Brady



Found in Tulsa, OK 


Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog. Brittanys love their people and require personal attention every day.

Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them. All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm. A dog's foster family can give you valuable information about its personality and temperament.

There are many more Brittany's available but not yet listed on the web site. These pages are always changing as homes are found and new dogs are placed into rescue. Please contact the State Coordinator for more information.

If you know of a Brittany who needs a home, please contact your nearest State Coordinator for assistance.