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Moe - 5910

11 mon (Puppy)
House Broken
Crate Trained
OK w/dogs
OK w/kids
Current Location: Kouts, IN

Contact: Levi Oman

Adoption Pending 07 December 2018!!



Meet Moe, part of the "three" pack of Moe, Curly and Larry! Moe is the "smallest" of all 3 and is the CLASS CLOWN!! Moe is also the barker of the group. He is very alert and is usually the 1st to notice one of the cats or birds passing by.

Moe, like his brothers, is very friendly, loving, and just looking for that right forever home he has been waiting for.

Moe sleeps in his crate at night and housebreaking is coming along great and should be 100% by the time he is adopted. Now Moe (like his brothers) will need to be neutered when they become 1 yr old. There is a neuter deposit of $350.00 that we collect and will refund as soon as proof of the procedure is completed.

If you would like to adopt Moe, please fill out the adoption application and mention his name and ID#. Moe is up to date on his vaccines and is heartworm negative and on preventative.


Moe, like his brothers, came from Spain. They are part of our International program. All 3 were surrendered to the kill station where they lived. Most likely because they could not be sold. Otherwise, they are completely normal, healthy, crazy pups!

New York

Kalli - 5898

1 yr 3 mon (Young)
Crate Trained
OK w/dogs
Need Fence
Current Location: Garden City, NY

Contact: Wendy & Larry Boyce


(New York)

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for a canine companion and I fit the bill since I’m a VERY, VERY ACTIVE PUPPY who needs human companionship. Just a short time ago I was caged most of the day. But luckily now I’m in a foster home with 2 Brittanys to keep me company, a crate and bed of my own, toys and human companionship. The humans talk to me, teach me stuff, tell me NO sometimes (actually lots of times) and tell me I’m a good girl when I follow the rules. They also provide good food and best of all they cuddle me and give me belly rubs. Life is GOOD!! Since the foster humans already have two Brittanys we hope that one of you will want to adopt me.

My foster family says I came to them with “NO skills”. I have already learned to use the magnetic doggie door! I’m not great on the leash so I need to practice that. I’m NOT protective of my food bowl which is good. I’ve learned to play nicely with the resident Britts- 2 female’s ages 8 & 7. I’m learning that toys are for chewing but human hands or shoes are not. My biggest problem is garbage picking, eating paper (I love tissues) and money (Mostly 10'S and 20'S) and counter/table surfing. I’m learning that NO means I should stop doing what I’m doing. I’m learning that I should use the bathroom in the yard and not on a rug. There’s still a lot to learn but my foster family says I’m smart and a fast learner. They say I’m a youngster and that I turned 1 Year old in September. I’m very good looking girl with light orange markings and very distinctive eyes. My tail is docked and my foster says they can see the beginnings of feathering on my butt and tail. I'm going to be a really beautiful adult. I like it here but I want a family to call my own, a family that will love me and cherish me and I can love, cherish, protect, and entertain in return.

Now just a few thoughts from my foster mom and dad who say no and dispenses the foods and belly rubs…As Kalli learns to trust, she is becoming sweeter and sweeter. She’s very active as befits her age and breed so she will need regular walks and a fenced in yard where he can run around and explore. She hasn’t tried to climb over or dig under the fence (BUT HAS DUG HOLES). She adores playing with my 2 Brittanys , especially my alpha female (but Kalli can get to be too much sometimes) and it is allowing her to be properly socialized as they put her in her place when she gets too rough. She would enjoy all the attention an only dog gets but she’d benefit from the companionship of another dog. She is jealous when others get attention. She will also benefit from having toys that are for strong chewers. When she gets nippy, we’ve been able to distract her with toys. This is a behavior that they outgrow as they mature and have proper training. We have crate trained her and she doesn’t seem to mind being crated, but really lets you know when she wants out. She also loves her treats. We are currently working on the sit command and she’s making quick progress because she loves treats, even the healthy kind like cucumber slices.

Obviously I (all of us at ABR) hope that our foster dogs find great homes but in this case my hope is really strong. We truly believe we have saved this pup. She’s not perfect but she wants to please and is visibly happy when she gets praised.

You must be considerate enough to know Kalli would not be happy or thrive being crated for 8 hours a day, she does sleep in her crate but that is to keep the house in one piece overnight. The main reason why Kalli wouldn’t be happy crated up is because she is very active and loves being around people. So Kalli really needs a home where she will be exercised every day, preferably taken for runs or long fast walks and she needs either a work from home situation or someone who only works away from home part-time. While she loves everyone, if you’ve got children they need to be older, 10 yrs. and up, because when she gets excited she jumps and she would hate to hurt a child who can’t deal with that.

Also, having another dog to play with would be the best! Just make sure he/she is tolerant because, according to her foster sisters, she can be a real pest trying to get another dog to play with her. And she also will steal their toys, so he/she has got to be okay with that. Cats are NOT friends Kalli needs a home with NO cats. She also will need a good, strong, secure fence. She won’t jump it but will run up to it and smack it really hard when she sees a bird or squirrel that she wants. Please note she does like to dig so will need someone willing to watch her when she is in the yard. Beyond that she is a very attentive, affectionate, not too sensitive Brittany girl.

She is spayed, crate trained, healthy and heartworm negative. She knows some basic commands but would benefit from an obedience class. She would be really good at agility so if you like working with dogs Kalli’s got the energy. And smarts for it! Just be sure to use positive reinforcement because Kalli thinks any other correction is playing. We think her former owner used a little strong negative corrections and she would just puppy laugh it off. Everything is play, fetch and run around with Kalli. If you are interested and would like to be considered for Kalli please to fill out the adoption application.


Kalli was an owner surrender, an older couple contacted ABR, after their family situation changed and realized they could not handle this WHIRLWIND Brittany Puppy.


Harley - 5992

11 mon (Puppy)
Neutered Male
House Broken
Crate Trained
OK w/dogs
OK w/kids
Need Fence
Current Location: Chardon, OH

Contact: Deb Fork
419-287-4358 or cell 419-419-8974



Meet Harley, a 10 month old pure bred liver and white neutered male Brittany. Harley was an owner surrender from an Ohio family without children. His former family were not equipped to put up with his high energy level. Some of their complaints is that he was counter surfing, nipping and aggressive. In the few weeks with our family, Harley has shown much improvement with counter surfing and nipping. He is good with our 6 and 8 year old, but Harley sometimes forgets his own strength. Harley would do great with older kids.

Harley is a sweetheart and will thrive in a loving home. Harley is crate trained, house broken and knows many commands such as sit, stay, come, and off. Harley will work for treats and is food motivated. We are working with Harley on his habit of stealing things to get attention and may need more training in that area once adopted. He has improved on that one bad habit quite a bit in the short time we have had him though.

Harley is still pulling on his leash during walks, but has shown much improvement. He is very strong so further training with the leash is a must.

Harley loves to be with people. We have a lot of land to explore but he usually stays pretty close by. He has bolted out the door a couple of times and has not tried to run away. Harley is also good with other dogs. He has done well at dog parks and with neighbor dogs. Harley loves our kids as well. He listens to them and gets excited to see them when they get home from school.

Harley has a lot of energy during the day but as long as he gets a walk in and maybe a round of playing fetch, he will cuddle with you in the evening. He sleeps in his crate and does very well with that.

Harley has been seen by a cardiologist for a 2-3 rated heart murmur. The cardiologist has said at this time he is expected to live a normal life with normal amounts of activity and life expectancy. Some routine follow ups are required and medical records will accompany him.

Harley would make the perfect addition to an active family willing to put in the time. Harley enjoys going for runs and hikes. Please NO long distance or sight unseen adoptions for this boy. We feel it is important for all family members (Human and Canine) to assure we have a good fit. To be considered please complete an adoption application.

Update 11/18: Harley came to us un-neutered. He had his surgery on 11/5 and has since settled down quite a bit. Any behaviors that the previous owner may have considered aggressive are now gone since the surgery (typical testosterone related activities.) Addressing the nipping behavior noted by the previous owner, Harley only "nips" when rough housing with adults (never fully biting down) which we find normal as our other Brit did that as well. Harley is being trained on an e-collar and is doing great. His behavior and manners have improved immensely! A fence would be nice but not 100% necessary as he is not a run risk in general. He likes to stay close by his people! Also, as his foster family we feel he is great with our kiddos especially since his surgery and would do great with a family with kids. Harley really has turned out to be such a sweet and cuddly fellow!


Harley came to us as an owner surrender. He has been neutered, is up to date on vaccinations, Heart Worm tested negative, on Heart worm preventions and has been microchipped. Calling all families willing to bring out the best in Harley!


Rory - 5972

6 yr 5 mon (Adult)
Neutered Male
Black Roan
House Broken
Crate Trained
OK w/dogs
Need Fence
Current Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Rebecca Rockwell Wallace

Adoption Pending 15 January 2019!!



Rory is incredibly laid-back in the house, and like most Bretons very active and vigilant when outside. (E.G. He likes to chase play with anything squirrel related!)

He’s very well housebroken (no messes and regularly can hold it if need be!) not destructive or intrusive in the house... as context, I have fostered/lived with about 15 to 20 dogs at this point in my life, and he’s in the top 3 for ‘most housebroken’ and ‘easy to take care of in the house’. No grabbing food, separation anxiety, random barking, stretching, nipping, property destruction... nothing!

Inside he does like to pay fetch with small plush squirrel toys (he doesn’t care too much for balls or blankets, ropes, etc), and all the other times is relatively calm and cuddly! It’s rare that he’s not by my side in the house at all times.

While not needed, he’s been crate trained and is very happy to calmly go and stay in the crate if i’m away for an extended period

He’s introverted around large groups he doesn’t know ... I had 10-12 new people over for an Eagles game, and he'd rather sleep in the bedroom than hang out with all the people. Though when it was just 3 friends over he was excited to hang out.

Having run with him he’s not a exceptionally fast when on the leash, though he has handled multiple 2-3 mile jogs with ease (9 min / mi pace). When outside he’s most interested in checking out new smells, and (absent seeing a squirrel) he jogs on leash very well!

His hunting / prey instincts are really strong - very attentive, great nose, and he’s fairly fast off leash and strong for his size (he’s a little undersized for a male Brit at about 27-32 lbs).

I’ve taken him to the dog park multiple times, and I will admit he doesn’t care to actively play / horse around with other dogs. The city dog park regularly has 5-15 dogs there at a time, and I get the feeling the volume of dogs actually makes him uncomfortable. He hasn’t been overly aggressive to them either (he’s indifferent or will likely growl if he’s being provoked / surrounded - though no biting). About one and five dogs he cares to sniff and gently play with, otherwise he just keeps on moving on and seems to be most interested in checking out new smells or playing with me.

Rory is my first black white roan dog of any kind, and boy does he look pretty! I always thought I loved the look of standard orange / white Britts, though Rory has opened my eyes! He gets compliments on his unique and handsomeness daily: Black face (slight white marking), roan shoulders, black/white back and flank, freckled legs, and black paws that almost look like shoes

Rory has no health issues or food issues that have presented in the time he's been in foster care. Rory is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, heartworm and leishmaniasis negative. If you'd like to be considered as Rory's forever home, please complete an adoption application and mention his name and ID number.



Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog. Brittanys love their people and require personal attention every day.

Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them. All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm. A dog's foster family can give you valuable information about its personality and temperament.

There are many more Brittany's available but not yet listed on the web site. These pages are always changing as homes are found and new dogs are placed into rescue. Please contact the State Coordinator for more information.

If you know of a Brittany who needs a home, please contact your nearest State Coordinator for assistance.