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Massachusetts • New Jersey

Mowgli - 5501

5 yr 11 mon (Adult)
Neutered Male
House Broken
OK w/dogs
Need Fence
Current Location: Worchester, MA

Contact: Wendy & Larry Boyce

Adoption Pending 24 April 2017!!



Looking for a companion? Well then I’m the dog for you! My name is Mowgli (I know!, but it’s the name I came with) but I go by “MOMO” and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m about 5 years old and I am the most lovable, cuddliest, low energy Brittany you’ll ever meet. All I want is a warm home, some food to eat, a couch and bed to sleep on, and someone who will let me cuddle and that likes to spoon, so can I come live with you?

Momo is looking for a specific kind of home as he’s had a rough life so far, no sight unseen adoptions will be considered. Momo needs to be with an experienced Brittany person that truly understands Brittanys and their temperament and dispositions. He would do best in a home with another Brittany, preferably a low key Brittany as hyper dogs make him nervous, although he is getting better with that, so a senior Brittany would be ideal. Momo is a dog that has a bit of anxiety, but with reassurance and confidence building he does really well. He can be left alone uncrated and be fine and not destroy anything. He does not play much but loves to go for rides, walks and hikes. He would do fine as a single dog as well however he does much better when he has a confident dog to look up to. Momo would also do well in a home where he is not left alone all day, so stay at home or retired moms or dads would be perfect as he thrives on attention and loves to be with his people. Momo could possibly also make a great ESA animal, he is just so affectionate. Momo definitely needs someone that will cuddle with him a lot, he kind of demands it. He likes to spoon and be the little spoon, and don’t dare take your hand away he will pull it right back!


Mowgli was originally surrendered along with another Brittany and the shelter was told it was because of resource guarding and was aggressive, the shelter was quick to adopt him out to a non experienced dog owner therefore resulting in Mowgli being surrendered a second time in four months for being aggressive. I have had Momo since December and he is by no means “aggressive” he’s actually quite the opposite he was misunderstood, he was timid, shy, scared, unsure of himself and anxious. He would grumble if other dogs came too close, but then would cower and hide. He has never acted out or gone after another dog or person in my care and I have a lot of dog & people traffic that go in and out my home. Momo has come so far in his training, he is able to be around all types of dogs and even go to the dog park now and even though he is unsure about playing he will at least sniff other dogs and allow others to sniff him and he’ll even walk up to strangers to be pet. However little 8 week puppies scare the bajeezers out of him he won’t even walk past them. He has become much more confident and everyday makes more progress! Momo was surrendered to ABR when his owner realized they were unable to give him what he needed.

New Jersey

Shooter - 5569

11 yr (Senior)
House Broken
OK w/dogs
Need Fence
Current Location: Nutley, NJ

Contact: Michelle Falkinburg


(New Jersey)

Meet Shooter! Shooter is 11 years young, he is now retired from a life of hunting and is looking for a peaceful and loving home. Shooter enjoys being outdoors, he loves going for walks or just running around outside and playing in the grass. He was injured during a hunting accident, so his front left leg bows out, but he doesn't let that deter him from anything! He can run and walk without any problem. One of his favorite outdoor activities is playing catch. 

Shooter loves the outdoors just as much as he loves relaxing next to you on the sofa! If he isn’t curled up cuddling or sleeping on the sofa next to you, he will be close by on the floor. So purchasing a large pillow for him to sleep on will be good. 

He loves human company, but prefers being the only dog in the house. He will always be excited to see you; running to the door to greet you when you come home. He loves staying by your side, but he will also be very quiet if you leave him on his own.  

He is very curious, too. He sniffs around whenever you are cooking, but sometimes he can be too curious, and tries to peer onto the table to see what you are eating. 

Overall, Shooter is a loving dog and a great companion. So if you would like to be Shooter’s forever home please fill out our adoption application and come meet him soon!


Shooter’s owner is not physically able to care for him any longer. He is currently with extended family until he finds his forever home.  


Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog. Brittanys love their people and require personal attention every day.

Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them. All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm. A dog's foster family can give you valuable information about its personality and temperament.

There are many more Brittany's available but not yet listed on the web site. These pages are always changing as homes are found and new dogs are placed into rescue. Please contact the State Coordinator for more information.

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