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How did you hear about ABR?
Do you belong to a Brittany Club?
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If Yes, which one?
Do you have Britts of your own? Yes   No
If Yes, how many & what ages?
What activities are you
involved in with your dog/s?
Hunting Conformation
Obedience Agility
Are you or have you been involved in other rescue efforts? Yes   No
Have you applied/or are you now affiliated with any other rescue/shelter groups, including other Brittany Rescue organizations? Yes   No
If Yes, what were/are they?

The length of time a dog remains in foster care can vary depending on the dog. 
Would you be able to foster for 2-6 weeks? Yes   No
Able to foster longer than 6 weeks? Yes   No
Are there times when you wouldn't be able to foster?
ABR makes every effort to see that all of a foster dog's medical and veterinary expenses are reimbursed.  Most often this comes from the dog's adoption donation.
Would paying for any expenses and being reimbursed later be a hardship? Yes   No
Would you be able to quarantine a dog if necessary? Yes   No
Do you have other animals in your home?
Are your animals' vaccinations
up-to-date, including Bordatella?
Yes   No
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes   No
If Yes, how high?
Do you have children? Yes   No
If Yes, what ages?
Would you be willing to housebreak and crate-train a foster dog? Yes   No
Will you be able to feed & care for a foster dog at your own expense? Yes   No
Where will the foster dog sleep?
Where will the foster dog stay while you are not at home?
Would you be willing to discuss with your vet the possibility of a discount for rescued Brittanys? Yes   No
Could we contact your vet as a reference? Yes   No
If Yes, provide contact information.

Would you like to help maintain the website? Yes   No
If yes, would you prefer to work on special projects as needed, or help with daily updates?

How far are you able to drive? 10 mi 60mi  100mi  150mi   other?
Which days will be best
for you to transport?
How many days out of a month
can you transport?
How many dogs
can you transport at one time?
Can you provide a dog with
an overnight stay if necessary?
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Can you help with home visits? Yes   No
Can you be a shelter contact? Yes   No  
Would you like to organize
a local fundraiser?
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Additional experience, comments
or questions, anything to add?

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