Wilbert, now Hudson, came from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association in Greece with his sister Wanda (now Lexi) in April 2017.  His family sent us this update, “In our time with Hudson AKA Huddy, he has matured both physically and mentally. When we first got him, he was skittish around most people but now he gets excited to see those who he knows well. While he still is wary of new people, he warms up to them quickly.  He loves to play around with his many toys (especially ones that squeak) and he is always up to go for a jog.  He has grown noticeably and, based on our own measurements, he has gained approximately 15 lbs. since we got him.  He is the sweetest dog I've ever had. 


I want to thank you so much for rescuing him. He is so wonderful, and I am as attached to him as he is to me.



Maia came to the US from Greece in April 2017 and according to her new family, she is a perfect addition. Maia is full of energy and love. She loves to cuddle with her Mom on the couch and even on the bed when her Mom sleeps during the day after a night shift.  She also loves playing with the kids, who are six and eight years old.  The kids can be a bit physical and love getting close to Maia but she has never growled and is very patient and caring.  Maia’s new family has another rescue dog, Freckles, an eight-pound terrier/chihuahua mix who is about eight years old.  Maia and Freckles get along very well.  Maia has a lot of energy and loves running in her spacious backyard.  She is very conscious of the pool and does not go in although her family has taught her where the steps are just in case.  Maia loves to play with a puppy who moved in next door, an 8-month-old Boxer named Tully.  Maia is the perfect playmate for Tully.  Freckles is a bit old and grumpy to engage in play, but he and Maia are pals!  Maia loves to eat the ice out of the water bowl, which is added on hot summer days.  Maia also loves shoes!  If the family is not careful where they leave their shoes, they become Maia’s play toys and she manages to pull the sole out!  She has chew toys which she loves to chew and cattle femur bones to chew on also.  Maia is very friendly to all she meets.  When she goes outside in the front of the house (with supervision) she roams the front yard which is in a cul-de-sac.  Maia shows off her athletic ability by chasing the neighbor birds through neighboring yards.  She is very fast!  Maia seems to really enjoy her new home and her family says, “we are lucky to have her”.



When Marco first arrived he had some quirks, like being afraid of the broom, hating the rain, and an extreme fear of being in a kennel. He was easily startled by loud noises back then too, which made car rides and the Fourth of July a little scary for him. Potty training was a challenge, and he scarfed up ever morsel of food he could find, but his sweetness was always there. Looking back it feels like he blossomed quickly. He now LOVES the car, no longer runs from the broom, is much calmer and more comfortable in general, doesn't really startle at all, and can even leave food in his bowl if he's not hungry! We still don't kennel him because he still doesn't like to be shut in, but he actually loves his kennel now, to the point that his kennel is his favorite place to sleep. The door is always open for him to go in and out as he pleases, but he even prefers to sleep in his little "cave kingdom" (as we call it) over sleeping on the bed with us now! He still hates the rain, though. As an example, we have a dog door, and when it was raining recently he thought he figured out a way to go potty outside without getting wet. He stuck his head out so that the flap still covered him and then proceeded to go. Unfortunately, he did not realize that his back half was still inside! it was hilarious. Despite his hatred of rain, he loves to swim. We recently got a little kiddie pool for him to wade in on hot summer days, and we frequently go on hiking trips where he will have an opportunity to get in the water.

He's taken so well to training too. He enjoys learning new things and he's a pro at sit, stay, and recalls now! Turns out his favorite summer treat is watermelon and his face lights up whenever he sees me cutting up slices! Of course he always gets a piece.

One of the most wonderful things about Marco joining our family though has been how much he and his brother Murphy have bonded. We got Murphy as a puppy and in part decided to get Marco so Murphy could have a buddy. We didn't realize how much joy it would bring them both. Marco is definitely the little brother. He follows Murphy everywhere, has to sniff everything Murphy sniffs. He likes to cuddle with Murphy when they nap, and is just generally more comfortable and confident with Murphy is around.

I could go on for ages about how wonderful it is to have Marco in our lives. He's just so incredibly sweet, such a good playmate and buddy for his brother. He really more than doubles the joy of having one Brittany. We couldn't imagine our lives without either of our boys, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone involved in the ABR international program: from the kind people who cared for Marco at the shelter in Spain, to the ABR volunteers who traveled to bring him here, to his foster mom, Yuki, our coordinator Andrea, and everyone else who helped bring him into our lives. Thank you!

From two happy dog parents,

Olivia and Cole Reichenbacker


 Buttercup came from the Santorini Animal Welfare Association on the island of Santorini, Greece.  We don’t how she ended up at this shelter, but we thank SAWA for keeping her safe until ABR could bring her to the U.S 

Buttercup, now Brandy, has found her forever home in Northern California.  Her Mom & Dad are a retired couple who are home much of the time, so she always has someone to hang out with.  Brandy has a large backyard with a swimming pool and loves to explore the outside smells and watch for wild turkeys and other critters that might wander by. Her family recently purchased a large motorhome, so Brandy can travel with them when they go camping.  Her new family adores her and says they don’t know what they would do without her.

Το Buttercup, τώρα Brandy, την βρήκε για πάντα στη Βόρεια Καλιφόρνια. Η μαμά και ο μπαμπάς της είναι ένα συνταξιούχο ζευγάρι που είναι κατ 'οίκον πολλές φορές, οπότε έχει πάντα κάποιον να συναντήσει. Το Brandy έχει μια μεγάλη αυλή με πισίνα και αγαπά να εξερευνήσει τις εξωτερικές μυρωδιές και να προσέχει για άγριες γαλοπούλες και άλλα ζώα που μπορεί να περιπλανηθούν. Η οικογένειά της αγόρασε πρόσφατα ένα μεγάλο αυτοκίνητο, οπότε και η Brandy μπορεί να ταξιδέψει μαζί τους όταν πηγαίνουν κάμπινγκ. Η νέα της οικογένεια την λατρεύει και λέει ότι δεν ξέρουν τι θα έκαναν χωρίς αυτήν.




Wanda came from the island of Santorini, Greece with her brother Wilbert.  She is now a year old and you can see what a Daddy's girl she is.  She was renamed Lexi in honor of her Greek roots.  

Lexi is a doll, and everyone loves her.  She's a bit shy with new people but is getting better.  She is great with other dogs and can play, play, play all day with her new sibling, a 2-year-old male.  She loves her chew toys, treats and sleeping on her Dad.  Her family can't imagine life without her.






Hope is one of the first three dogs ABR brought to the US from Greece.  Hopes family said she's doing great with her (practically identical!!) French Brittany sister and she's now named Luna.

Luna taught herself how to jump up on the bed and relax and is enjoying her new life in the US. 




Muffin’s foster Mom and Dad knew he would become part of their permanent family the moment he curled up on Mom’s lap on the drive home from Dulles Airport.  He heaved a great big sigh and settled in, with his chin resting in the crook of her elbow, all the way back home to the Eastern Shore.  He is a happy and spirited boy, so they renamed him Opa, an expression the Greek people use to indicate joy and symbolizes the celebration of his wonderful new life in the USA.  His family says he jumps up and does an adorable little shimmy thing when of his humans walk into the room.


It was obvious that Opa had never lived in a house before because he cringed at various sounds, such as the hand-mixer.  But Opa is smart and he learned very quickly that the hand-mixer was not such a bad thing after he was offered a sample of the mashed potatoes his Mom was preparing.  At first, he didn’t realize that his family’s bed was more comfy than the floor, so they bought him a dog cushion and allowed him to discover this in his own time. Sure enough, one morning they woke up and there he was, snoozing and snuggling with his two fur siblings.  Now when he hears, “it’s bedtime”, he sprints upstairs and jumps on the bed to secure his favorite spot.


Opa adores his fur-siblings.  He energizes his nine-year old Brittany sister, chasing her in the backyard and nosing the tennis ball toward her. He has also developed an endearing habit of propping his front legs across her back while they are waiting for a treat.  She loves that!  Opa plays tug ‘o war with his brother, a feisty Maltese, always remaining ultra-gentle and sometimes allowing the little guy to win.


Opa’s family is proud to report that he has graduated obedience school and will continue to ‘higher education’ in a few weeks.  Opa loves being part of the family’s routine in everything from attending dog-related fundraisers to beach walks to camping trips in their motor home.  His family says, “We love our sweet boy and we are grateful to ABR for allowing us to adopt him.”














Cinnamon was found in the woods on the mainland of Greece. Her rescuer was on a mini-vacation with her husband and another couple. While walking through the forest this little dog ran up to her, begging to be saved.  The people she was with would not let her take Cinnamon in their car so she had to leave her.  She could not get this starving little sweet creature out of her mind.  She woke her husband in the middle of the night and said, "We have to go back to get that dog."  They did go back and Cinnamon ran up to her again.  Her rescuer found a vet in the area that would board her while they were there and then took her back to their home in Athens where she received her full vet care. The rescuer reached out for help and connected with ABR.  Cinnamon was brought to the U.S. in early 2017 as part of ABR’s first rescue trip to Greece. 


Cinnamon has found her forever home and her new family has named her Lucy because she's a red head just like Lucile Ball in the show I Love Lucy and she’s a little goofy like her too!  Her family says she is doing well.  Lucy adores their yard and they were learning the balance of them training her vs. her training them (she's very sneaky and has figured out exactly what to do to earn treats when she desires them!!)  Lucy also enjoys sitting on their outdoor swing with them and at times insists that they sit there with her while she watches over the yard!! It sounds like Lucy is doing well at training her family!!!